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Meet @Lyd_bby

Name: Lydia Park
Age: 22
Favorite food: KOREAN FOOD, but Asian food in general 
Favorite music/artists: (This is so hard.) My favorite type of music to listen to would be either rap/hip hop or r&b, although right now my favorite genre is disco pop. I used to listen to a lot of EDM back when I used to rave, but now that I am focusing on school, I prefer chill beats/lo-fi. Some of my favorite artists include The Weeknd, BLACKPINK, Kehlani, DaBaby, A$AP Rocky, and Megan Thee Stallion. 
Passions/goals: I am currently a nursing major right now about to begin my
program soon! I realized being a nurse is compatible with me because I prefer to work in an environment with many people rather than working alone. I like helping people and taking care of those I love, and I honestly cannot wait to start working with patients! Other than that, the only other goal I have is to get married and have a family one day, but not anytime soon. I always had this feeling I would be a great mom, and I already have so much love for my future kids.
Hobbies/interests: I like to cook in my free time, usually with my older sister. My specialty in cooking is anything Korean and my special homemade pasta. Another thing I like to do is smoke… but sadly I do have to quit soon for school. If I am not cooking or smoking, I am most likely napping.
Fashion Inspiration: I get my inspiration from Jennie Kim, a member of BLACKPINK. She is represented by Chanel, and because of her I have been more interested in high fashion and boujee style clothing. I also get my inspiration from “Chinese street fashion” which has been trending lately on TikTok.
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