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Meet @Jbawsa

Jeffrey Basa was one of our very first team members! We are honored to have this talented young man join our team! At only 20 years old, Jeffrey has headlined shows all over Southern California and even made a couple guest appearances up in the Bay Area!
Bawsa's style is unique to his generation because not many DJ's his age put emphasis on the actual art of djing and turntablism. He learns techniques from the older generations before him and uses what he learns to mix the some of the new generations favorite songs together into one "magical but ratchet" symphony. In addition to just playing the main bangers, Basa always makes sure to throw in some of the newest upcoming singles from musicians in our area into the mix! 
If you haven't gotten a chance to attend one of my boy's shows here, you absolutely have to make it a point to make it to at least one of his shows to experience what he brings to the table + you may even win some free Supreme just for attending. You never know!
Follow him on Instagram! @JBawsa
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