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Supreme SS'20 Ends

July 9th was officially the last "drop" of the Spring/Summer Collection. It was definitely a roller coaster of a season for all of us. Due to half the season being online only due to "this sh*t going on* definitely made copping a lot harder if you did not have a good bot and know how to use it. 

But nonetheless, with the 500 lbs Supreme MacTool Work Station AND the BMX Bike tag teaming to be the highlight accessories of the collection, a lot of profit could have definitely been made for those who could afford it to spend the cash. Work Station retail being around 9k with tax +shipping/handling included, and reselling for upwards $20K, and the Bike selling for about $5K with a retail of almost half that. "MONEY SEASON FASHO FASHO!!" as some of my peers would say..

And if that wasn't enough, Supreme also came out with one of the most legendary Box Logo collaborations to date which is the Murakami X Supreme "Covid-19 Relief" Box Logo which Supreme released to be able to donating 100% of the proceeds to the HELP USA organization to help aid in relief programs! Takashi took this opportunity and did not disappoint as he showcased his art style within the Box Logo design. With after market value almost reaching $1000 USD at it's highest! If this isn't an instant classic, then I dont know what is!

There was also a stockpile of more than usual cool collector's accessories that definitely hurt my pockets this season as I wanted to buy every accessory that Supreme released. Some of my favorites being the Woven Straw Mats, Ceramic Waves Soup Bowl, and of course the Lawn Chair! There's definitely more that i could name (such as the Supreme Tote Bag) but then we'd all be here all night!

To see more of the items that released this season head over to our IG @teamtwotime to see what items we did preorders! Thank you guys for reading my recap of this past season, and I hope to see you guys for my weekly blog posts like this when Fall/Winter season starts back up in a couple of months!

"Better together"

- RJ (@teamtwotime)

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