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Meet @Iannadeez


My name is Ianna Josefin Dizon, AKA Yanna. I am currently the youngest member on the team, turning 18 in September. And I am from West Covina, California.
Let me share a little bit about myseIf. I love to be with my friends and going out to eat for boba and food. I love surrounding myself with friends as easy going as me. I just love good vibes all around.
I also am a dancer. I’ve been dancing since I was a kid, but started taking it more seriously when I was 13. I started competing on teams at that age, but as time went on I joined my high school hiphop team. I started winning titles with my team when I joined my high school hiphop team, which were State Champions and National Champions of 2016-2017.  I also have done a handful of performances, such as performing a Lakers vs Clippers basketball game, high school performances, performing back up for famous Filipina singer Geneva Cruz, and many more.
I also love expressing my mood in my outfits. I feel like when I look good, I feel good. I feel like clothes are an outlet to feel better, confidence really does do wonders. My style is a bit of hype streetwear and a bit of basic girly. I feel like dancing has really influenced my style because dancers are known for being stylish. I still got ways to go to improve my fits, but I like where I am at. (:
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